Why use a Professional Real Estate Photographer?


The internet is the initial gateway to buying a home and good photos are the catalyst to get prospective buyers to gain interest in a property and initiate a contact with you.

Smart realtors know this and value excellent photography.  It has been proven with my own clients time and time again that great photography sells a property quickly.  One example was a property I photographed in Long Beach.  It was a smallish two bedroom home that was priced at $988K.  The realtor called me the day after our photos were online to tell me how thrilled she was that the property sold in four hours and for her asking price.   Obviously no one can predict how quickly a home will sell as there are many factors in play but great photography is key.

What makes my photography different from the average real estate photography?  If you want to improve your photographic presentation here are a few things to watch out for:  Of course professional gear is very important and I use (and pay for) an experienced image processor to complete all my images for my clients. 

  1.   Keep the camera perfectly level.  This will eliminate convergence.  IOW, the walls will remain vertical and everything else in the room will have the proper perspective.  Mount the camera on a tripod and use a bubble level to keep it leveled.

  1.   Color and perspective correction and accuracy, no converging vertical walls.

  1.   Details through windows and sky detail

  1.   Pictures on the televisions and fires in fireplaces.

  1.   Create a feeling of ambiance and desirability by  highlighting the unique features of the home, especially historic homes.

  1.   Twilight images are always powerful and appealing.